Agarwood Oud Source

Agarwood Oil is made from the Heartwood of an Agarwood Tree.When the Agarwood get infected, it turns into a dark and fragrant Resin.The Essential Oil is extracted from Agarwood, it can take years for this Resin to form. 

Royal Oriental Collection


  • Oud And Ambar Royal Oriental Selections are made with Natural, Organic ingredients. Infused with our secret blend of Oriental Oud And Amber perfume for a luxurious experience.

  • The traditional ‘Ghar” Laurel Oil Soap is considered to be the first soap that has been invented and hand-crafted in Syria “one of the oldest continuously inhabited Cities in History” since Ancient Times.

  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients: Olive Oil, Laurel Bay Oil, Sodium Hydroxide and Water. Bay Laurel Oil has soothing, antiseptic, and regenerative properties.